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Most client’s find this option to be very attractive when compared to training with a trainer at a higher-end health club.

Your personal training session can be done in the convenience of your own home or hotel in San Francisco or San Mateo County.

Single Session


(session packages are payable in advance)

(each session is 50 min)

Add $25 per session for buddy training



During the first 60 days, you will notice your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance & strength rapidly increase as your body adapts from an untrained state. This is especially the case if you haven’t exercised regularly in a while.

If improving flexibility was one of your primary goals and working on it, expect it to improve slowly. While you will feel like you have more energy and are getting in shape, your body composition will likely not significantly change in the first month of training because your body adapts neurologically first.

24 Sessions 




(session packages are payable in advance)

(each session is 50 min)

Add $25 per session for buddy training



During your first 90 days of training you will continue to make improvements in your cardiovascular endurance as well as muscular strength and endurance gains. Although the gains won’t be as rapid as the first month, I will be adjusting your program to avoid plateau and keep making progress.

Your body composition will also, show improvements provided you have been eating correctly and doing the prescribed exercise during the training sessions and on your own time.

Flexibility will slowly improve as long as you keep working on it by stretching the specific muscles you want to become more flexible.

36 Sessions 




(session packages are payable in advance)

(each session is 50 min)

Add $25 per session for buddy training



At this point we should have instilled a higher level of dedication to a lifestyle that includes, exercise discipline, personal responsibility, and balanced nutrition resulting in overall well-being and an improved level of fitness and performance. If you maintain your exercise regimen with me and exercise on your own time you can expect your body composition to continually improve.

However, improving your new level of fitness for muscular strength & endurance as well as cardiovascular endurance will gradually become more difficult as you are in a trained state. Your program now will be brought up to an advanced level to continue achieving optimal fitness.

You will experience noticeable progress in your flexibility at this point. Your muscles will feel less tense and firm but you will have an increased range of motion about your joints.

50 Sessions 




(session packages are payable in advance)

(each session is 50 min)

Add $25 per session for buddy training



Make no mistake, you can never out-exercise a bad diet. It’s by no means coincidence that the first three letters of the word “diet” indicate just how miserable the process can be. Constantly being hungry, having to pass on satisfying carbs in favor of vegetables, eating smaller portions of bland-tasting foods. Yet getting into the best shape of your life and maintaining it doesn’t have to mean total self-sacrifice for the sake of seeing your abs. Tailoring the right nutrition plan, I will have you meet your fitness goals in as little as 12 weeks through small changes in your diet based off of your current body composition, daily activity and ending goals.

12 weeks of nutrition guidance


(complimentary with purchase of 36 sessions or more)

*Nutrition changes will be implemented only when need be, otherwise weekly nutritional changes will most likely occur. Changes will be made based off individual stats and body composition changes.


*Once you have scheduled a training session, you must cancel the session more than 12 hours in advance or you are responsible for that session. (Industry standard is 24 hours in advance)

*FIT SF is not obligated to make up time due to a client’s lateness. More than 1/2 hour lateness constitutes a late cancellation and we are not obligated to conduct the session. In some cases we will wait and work with you for the remaining time. But this is solely up to our discretion. In either case you will be charged fully for the session.


The Most Important Thing to Consider: Persistence & Dedication Pays Off

Achieving results in a fitness program will never happen overnight. It’s a process which requires commitment, self-discipline, and good use of time. If you commit then always look for excuses for why we can’t do things, you’ll never find the reasons why we can. Results happen only when we believe we can achieve. If you do exactly what I ask you to do, put in the effort to exercise on your own time and attempt to eat right, results will come. You have to earn it.

I work with men and women of all ages with varying dysfunctions, fitness levels and goals. My clientele include athlete’s, fitness and lifestyle models, white and blue collar workers, retirees, students, children 7yrs and up, housewives, and anybody and everybody seeking to improve their appearance, fitness and self-esteem. Whether you want to lose body fat and tone your body, build muscle, recover from injury, or reclaim your health, biomechanics and energy levels — I have the knowledge and experience to help you do it. I get results. Period.